The World of Entertainment can Capture the Imagination

Who doesn’t love the arts and entertainment? Most people just can’t get enough of the movies, whether at the theater or on television. Concerts and other social venues where one might get a glimpse of a celebrity are generally sold out within days. Autograph seekers and paparazzi seek out the rich and famous (or infamous) at every opportunity. There are people who dream of one day joining their ranks. Americans crave a brush with celebrity, and for many different reasons.

Wanna-Be Celebrities

Imagine going to Hollywood or Los Angeles and being discovered by an agent such as David Guilllod, who has managed many a talented actor and singer into successful careers in the entertainment industry. This scenario has become a reality for many of today’s celebrities. But it can take a lot of hard work and persistence.

For others, entering nationally televised talent competitions in the hopes of making a name for themselves is the route they choose. And who has not dreamed at some point in their life about starring on the silver screen, big as life, or glamorously slinking along a red carpet with adoring fans begging for an autograph?

Curiosity Seekers

For those who don’t seek fame for themselves, seeing how the other half lives can be a big deal. There seems to be an endless fascination with seeing where celebrities live, where they shop and what they wear. Bus lines in Hollywood depend on just such a crowd for their daily tours. People line up hoping for a chance sighting of their favorite actor as they pass by elegant mansions and manicured lawns. Some restaurants where sightings of the famous have been known to occur frequently line the walls with caricatures or autographed photos or may name dishes after them.

Up Close and Personal

Some people may feel there is no bigger thrill than attending a live concert or play featuring their favorite singer or actor. The pounding of the bass and audience applause gets their heart rates up and makes them feel alive. Just being in the same room with a real celebrity in performance may change the whole experience versus hearing them on the radio or watching them on the screen. And don’t forget the after party – die-hard fans may pay extra to attend, hoping to make contact with the star of the event in person.

Relatable Celebrities

Humans tend to relate to characters they see portrayed in films and plays, or that they may hear singing a melody that perfectly explains an experience they are going through. It can be easy to forget that they are just playing a role and some people may tend to feel a connection due to that portrayal. That is what an Oscar or Academy Award, a Grammy or ACM Awards are for. Actors and singers strive to project an image that will connect and resound with the public and keep them coming back for more.

There may be many reasons that people adore celebrities and even strive to become famous in their own right, but motivation and charisma may be the critical things that help talented people join their ranks. The rest of the crowd just can’t get enough of the emotion and excitement that the entertainment industry provides.