Effective Communication

Companionship may be the most basic of human needs. Effective communication is vital for preserving this vital shared need between men and women. Different communication skills are required on both sides however. Read on to learn which effective communication techniques are most important to you based on your sex.

Almost every guide to effective communication begins with listening as its top requirement. Unfortunately for men it is generally perceived that this is much harder for them to do than women. Men are visual creatures. They generally garner more from body language from women than spoken words. Often men are preoccupied with a woman’s visual appeal which diminishes their listening ability. It is therefore essential for men to focus on a woman’s language in equal proportions to physical gestures.
Emotional awareness is another important aspect to effective communication that men are generally inferior to woman at perceiving. It is fairly indisputable that women are more emotive.

Physical cues are an area that women should focus on. As discussed above, men are much more affected by visual communication.